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Please let us know by leaving a comment! We added a new feature to Thrive Leads that you’ll love if you’re a MailChimp user. You can now add your subscribers to MailChimp groups through the API connection in Thrive Leads. This makes it easier than ever before to use MailChimp groups and segment.

Your list for more engagement

Check out the tutorial video for detailed instructions. Segment Your MailChimp List The best way to get better open and click through rates is by sending messages that are highly relevant for your readers. To be able to send specific messages to certain Bulgaria B2B List people on your list.

You need to segment your list and the way to segment your list in MailChimp is by using groups. We now made it possible in Thrive Leads to choose what group you want your subscribers to be added to, through the API connection.

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Time and to make (better) use of MailChimp groups. If you’re not using MailChimp groups yet, now is the time to start! your list: Use multiple-choice opt-in forms to let your visitors segment themselves If you have more than one opt-in offer on your site, you can add your subscribers AWB Directory to different groups (behind the scenes) depending on the opt-in form they submit.

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