He did much more

He did much more

The frightened girl runs away from home in the car when, suddenly, the car turns off and the windows lock. Just at this moment, a voice takes over the radio: “you can’t escape the fire”. And it is precisely here that the two protagonists of the campaign finally appear, the Ghost Pepper Whopper and the Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries. “We’re always looking for new ways to make the spooky season even more fun and memorable,” said Zahra Nuraan, vice president of marketing communications for Burger King North America.

The King of burgers but also of marketing

He also added, “Our horror film brings these menu innovations to life in a unique Malaysia Phone Number Data and creative way, while also engaging our fans in playful fun: Will you answer the call?” Listening to the community Burger King didn’t just think up and create a scary short film. he made all this real. As? Directly involving the end customer: go to TheCall.BK.com, type your name, your phone number and you will receive a scary and personalized phone call from the brand. Will you have the courage to answer too and try the very spicy chicken fries? The Call: Burger King’s short film created for Halloween to launch its two seasonal menus. Burger King North America, at the beginning of the year, asked its consumers what they preferred between Ghost Pepper Whopper and Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries. The result? Most of them wanted both on the menu and that was it. Kudos to the brand for truly listening to the community. Burger King: the best Halloween-themed campaigns  campaigns.

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The figure of the clown

The fast food par excellence, in fact, always entertains us at AWB Directory Halloween with its bizarre marketing moves. But which are the funniest ones? The disguise as…McDonald’s In 2016, Burger King literally disguised itself as McDonald’s. All the fast food was covered with a white sheet with the competitor’s stylized writing on it. But the disguise doesn’t end there. Even the packaging of the sandwiches was not the usual one. A white package with the hand-drawn writing “McDonald’s” enclosed the Burger King sandwiches with a very scary message. In just a few hours, photos of this brilliant idea went around the web, amusing all fans. Burger King’s 2016 Halloween campaign in which the brand dresses up as McDonald’s Burger King – Halloween 2016 The Burger King clown In 2017 Burger King took advantage of the release of the film remake of IT, Stephen King’s horror film, to create the Halloween marketing campaign. The protagonist of the film, and also of the video commercial, is a clown who eats children.

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