Everything you Need To Know about Technical SEO: Basics

Everything you Need To Know about Technical SEO: Basics

With a solid SEO strategy, including technical SEO, your brand has a better chance of gaining more visibility and ranking higher on the SERPs than your competitors. 

Technical SEO is just as crucial for your ranking on SERPs as traditional content-based SEO, whether you’re a small independent bookstore or a large company.

This guide will help you understand the technical SEO basics and the different ways to implement it.

What is Technical SEO?

While marketers focus on the overall SEO strategy, like keywords, conversion rates, snippets, meta descriptions, organic traffic, and bounce rate, a technical 

SEO specialist focuses on all of the behind-the-scenes things to keep your website ranking high on the SERPs.

Technical SEO involves optimizing telephone lists your website and server so Google can index and crawl your site more effectively. 

This optimization can increase organic traffic, higher rankings, and more visibility

How Do I Implement Technical SEO?

An XML sitemap is like a table of contents for your website, listing all its pages. 

The file makes it easy for Google AWB Directory to find and crawl ALL of your site’s pages and understand the structure of your website.

Some CRMs create an XML sitemap automatically, like  Blogger, or WordPress. However, you may have to make a sitemap on your own if there’s yet to be one created for your site.

To create one manually, make a list of your site’s URLs using the Google Analytics landing page report. Learn how to master Google Analytics with our free step-by-step guide.

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