Duration and quality of support

Duration and quality of support

Then you can extend the best ideas directly to your road map. As the work progresses, the idea will trigger automatic notification to voters, let them understand the status and complete the feedback cycle. Features Strategies have been developed and ideas have been reviewed. Now you can define the priority of the construction content on the planning board. This is many teams in Aha! Where you spend most of your time!You can define and manage all planned work, as well as in Aha! China’s backlog of work.

If you opt for a quality premium

parking lot. You can create self-defined workflow, status and layout in the function and new database activity card to match the way your team works. Use haha!Score to determine the true importance of any individual function or activity. You can control the scorecard indicators, scale and weights. Customize it to reflect the strategic goals you will achieve. Aha!The scores of each function and activity can be seen on each card, so that the priority of the planned work can be easily determined according to the strategic importance.

And then you have the free themes

The workflow board is a board view, which is very suitable for the progress of the visualization team. Roadmap It is time to build and share your visual roadmap. The entry roadmap is a good starting point. Any records and updates you create in the view of the entry roadmap will be reflected   AWB Directory   everywhere in the work area. For a more detailed roadmap, you can display the function according to the version and define detailed information such as the status and external dates.

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