Conclusion Today we analyzed these films

Conclusion Today we analyzed these films

Iconic and divisive of the 90s and early 2000s. Documentary “White Hot – The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch” A&F has built. An extremely strong and recognizable brand identity, based on an image of exclusivity, youth and ideal beauty. Their strategy was to emphasize a desirable lifestyle and particularly associate with beauty. The main problem with this approach was to exclude a large portion of the market, which for various reasons was not reflect in the brand’s values. In fact, in the long term extreme exclusivity has led to a negative vision of the brand. It was aim almost exclusively at young people who were not only attractive but also “socially acceptable”, according to their standards. Furthermore, the documentary brings to light various discriminatory dynamics during hiring, not only of models, but also of sales assistants.

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These controversies, also linked to various advertising campaigns, have raise attention on the ethical problems and social responsibility of the company. Also demonstrating how these dynamics can improve or, as in this case, worsen consumers’ perception of a brand. 5. Pepsi: Where’s My Jet? The Pepsi documentary, Where’s My Jet? tells the extraordinary story Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data of a bold advertising campaign by Pepsi in the 1990s. The advertising campaign showed several items that could be obtain thanks to a points campaign and among these was a Jet Harriet which was worth 7 million points. A couple made up of a boy in his twenties and his investor decide to try to collect these points and win it. The-series recounts the legal battle between the company and the customer. The most important lesson we can take away from this documentary is the importance of managing consumer expectations.

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Jet’s promise was a publicity gag but since it did not include any clause making it explicit, it was perceived as real. It is therefore necessary that advertising campaigns are always clear by evaluating the potential risks. Furthermore, the legal challenge faced by Pepsi highlighted the importance of brand responsibility and crisis management. Therefore being able AWB Directory to respond effectively and responsibly to avoid causing damage to the company’s reputation. It is essential that the creativity of choices for advertising campaigns is able to be kept in balance with communication clarity.and documentaries which I hope have been useful for you to find new ideas and discover characteristics of these brands that you didn’t know about. If you want to read other articles on our blog, you can find them here  Deepen your knowledge of social media marketing with: CATEGORIES Marketing RECOMMENDED READING 8 books to read

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