Compatible with page builders

Compatible with page builders

Let’s start with the foundation. Here, you can set your vision, use strategic models to define your market landscape, and obtain your product advantages through positioning. The market is where you capture characters and evaluate how you compare with competitors. The top priority is where you track goals and plans. The goal is the time-bound, measurable goal you want to achieve. Here, you can see an example goal, that is, income has tripled year-on-year, and the success indicator is an increase of $50 million in revenue for the current fiscal year.

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The plan is the link between your strategy and what you plan to build. These are high-level new data work themes that will help you achieve your goals. The release version accurately defines how and when the work will be completed. Develop cross-functional plans and versions, functions and activities, and create templates to keep team work consistent. You can also use the dependent item to track what happens when the date changes.

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The calendar view is very suitable for understanding the situation in the next few days. Ideas Let us provide a voice for your customers and partners. Bring them into the planning process through the creative portal. Creative portals can fix product cards and be open to customers, or to audiences  AWB Directory   such as partners or employees. Now, you can easily track all suggestions and requests from customers and teams. The summary of ideas shows the ideas submitted, in which you can start to review all incoming ideas and determine priorities.

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