But took inspiration from Microsoft’s legacy

But took inspiration from Microsoft’s legacy

Organic and sustainable products. Through color, a brand can create an effective visual identity, establish solid relationships with the target market and stand out from the competition. Always be honest This is a fundamental and essential aspect. Don’t promise anything you can’t keep. If you announce a 50% discount on your e-commerce, but the offer only applies to an XXS size shirt, the public will no longer trust you and will abandon the site in 0.3 seconds. It is essential in marketing not to think you are smarter than others.

Don’t address everyone Target.

With the advent of the Internet we are inundated with advertising every Denmark Whatsapp  minute and even the “laymen” have understood the mechanisms behind these devices. From here define the objectives of your work. Generating traffic, sales, improving relationships with customers, retaining readers, are all possible goals. But it is necessary to generate the offer with the greatest possible transparency. Take inspiration from competitors That’s right: you can draw a lot of inspiration from your competitors, so don’t be afraid to observe what they do. Having a model to aspire to does not mean copying. Apple didn’t create an operating system from scratch.

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Don’t use it

Market leaders can provide valuable insights into what works, preferences and emerging trends. It is also important to broaden your field of vision compared to what your competitors may be. An example is the AWB Directory Blockbuster case which looked at the competition only in its own reference market. The US company thought that its competitors were other DVD rental chains such as Wal-Mart, ignoring the arrival of online streaming platforms. This then caused its bankruptcy in 2013.

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