Build a Stunning Spring Color Palette to Elevate

Spring 2023 is bringing a fresh new outlook with its lively and vibrant color palette. From bold and dark red and indigo to lighter yellows. This year’s spring colors offer a wide range of options for fashion enthusiasts. Whether you prefer a soft and delicate shade or a bold and statement-making hue. You’re sure to find the perfect color choices to suit your style! Get started by creating seasonal color palettes and outlining projects in Animation Desk and Note Ledge! Spring is a time for color: light blues, golden brown, warm yellows, soft pinks, pastel greens. These warm undertone spring season colors often resemble flowers in a garden or sunshine on a bright day. According to seasonal color analysis, spring symbolizes growth and trying something new.

Color Analysis from the Industry

Much like how a garden grows with sunshine and care. It’s a perfect time to get creative by telling a story through animation or starting a mood board for a creative project. For instance, you could plan your makeup colors inspired by the beautiful color scheme. Or animate bees flying around in a garden. Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023 Viva Magenta (18-1750) highlights strength, bravery, and fearlessness. It is a bold and vibrant Industry Email List shade of pink that represents energy, excitement, and youthfulness. It is a way to express individuality and creativity. Viva Magenta is a popular choice for graphic designers and marketers. Due to its ability to capture attention and evoke strong emotions. Whether it’s used as an accent color or as the main focus of a design. Viva Magenta adds a playful and energetic touch to any project.

True Spring Colors with the Brightest

Etsy revealed its first-ever dual colors of the year, Indigo & Honeycomb. According to Etsy, duality as a theme focuses on accepting contrast and examining opposites, which influenced the decision to have two official Etsy Colors of the Year. This pairing of brighter and darker shades enhances each shade’s individual brilliance. Indigo, a combination of blue and violet, symbolizes wisdom and AWB Directory intuition while exuding a futuristic and powerful energy. On the other hand, the honeycomb’s brightness and warm tone remind us to cherish and safeguard the natural intelligence that surrounds us.

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