And those who participated

And those who participated

This is the sentence that we printed on the bags given to all participants on the first day of the event, and it fully expresses a concept that we care a lot about at Marketing Espresso: the importance of giving value to one’s journey. Because every path is unique and special, and has its own times. The bag given to Share ME Challenge participants The Share ME Challenge bag, created by La Tuta There is no such thing as delay.

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in the Share ME Challenge know this well, choosing to test themselves Poland WhatsApp Number Data and work closely with many other faces, unknown until then, creating impact and establishing synergies Thanks again to those who were there, from the entire Marketing Espresso team  Deepen your knowledge of social media marketing with: CATEGORIES Communication, Marketing, Social Media RECOMMENDED READING Types of content to publish to grow your brand RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS.

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Content Creation Learn to ideate Table of Contents What is ROMADIFFUSA? Concept AWB Directory Tell us about Roman diff usa what idea was this project born from and what objectives did you set yourself to achieve? Event The second edition of your Traveling Festival was held in September, what were the events and how did you develop the program compared to the first edition? Editorial Plan. How do you structure your Editorial Plan pre-during and post-event? Growth.

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