And they allow an in-depth analysis of the strategies that define

And they allow an in-depth analysis of the strategies that define

.Are you looking for Marketing-themed films and documentaries? In this article we have analyzed 5 from which to discover interesting news and background information on famous brands and beyond. Let’s discover them together! BY MARTINA CURATI MARKETING Table of Contents 1. The Founder 2. Joy 3. Coco Avant Chanel 4. White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch 5. Pepsi: Where’s My Jet? Conclusion Don’t feel like reading? Try listening to the article in audio mode  Voiced by Amazon Polly In this article we analyze together 5 films and documentaries, which can provide us with many ideas on how marketing helps brands grow but not only  Indeed, in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of marketing, films and documentaries that explore this topic offer valuable insights.  the success of companies in the modern era.

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The Founder The film The Founder, released in 2016, sees Michael Keaton Brazil WhatsApp Number Data  interpret the story of Ray Kroc. The latter was the one who, after meeting the McDonald’s brothers, decided to transform the company into the large chain we know  film offers numerous ideas starting from the theme of innovation. In fact, McDonald’s has completely revolutionized the fast food sector by managing to offer quick service with a limited menu, focusing attention on quality and efficiency. The character of Ray Croc is the one who realizes how this business model could be easily scalable and replicable thanks to franchising. And the film highlights how this strategy can transform a local company into a global one. Furthermore, the film also raises ethical questions regarding Kroc’s relationships with the McDonald brothers and how he gained control of the  can also be from a relational point of view.


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McDonald’s has become on a global level, and how over the years it has create. Many high-impact and memorable advertising campaigns. 2. Joy Joy is a 2015 film starring Jennifer Lawrence as Joy . The film tells the story of the latter and how she managed to become a successful entrepreneur despite several obstacles. Movie “Joy” The starting point, as for many other entrepreneurs, was for her to start from a common problem, also known as a pain point. That is, the difficulty and disorder in using AWB Directory  traditional mops. From here she manages to find a solution and creates an innovative self-wringing mop. From a marketing point of view we see how you managed to respond directly to this market need.

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