Above all what you want to tell

Above all what you want to tell

In other words? Let yourself be carried away by the moment. Remember: Stories only last 24 hours, for now. But they could soon be extended, here you can find more information on the matter. 3. LESS IS MORE, also and above all in IG Stories Instagram stories must be simple, practical and quick to use. To do this, it is necessary to optimize the script made previously and make the speech as fluid and user friendly as possible.


Anything for granted Stories require an

Point to remember People don’t always look at stories carefully. They look at Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data them distractedly, while they are doing something else or while they are on the bus, which is why the message must be clear right away. So, how best to optimize Ig Stories? Follow these three steps and you won’t regret it: write, save and reread what you’ve written. Afterwards, take care of any corrections that need to be made.

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Editorial plan and an ad hoc strategy

Did you use too many sentences? Could that concept also be AWB Directory expressed in another way, perhaps even simpler? Well, edit! 4. Communicate only one message at a time As already mentioned previously, stories are the simplest method to have direct contact with the people who follow us. And it is precisely simplicity that the latter look for when they open the application and scroll the home page.

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