How many hours do you spend a day hooked on Spotify ? I many. I move from . it is one of the applications that ( along with WhatsApp ) I use the most. But today I’m not  Spotify Ad here to talk about Spotify as we all know it, no sir. Today I come to talk about Spotify Ad Studio, the platform to create ads on Spotify. A cool platform that allows you to launch super PRO campaigns ( even if you don’t have spots already created ) and reach very well segmented audiences. And yes, my friend, Spotify Ads is very cool. If you are one of those who only launch campaigns in Meta Ads

Spotify Ads is very cool 

Maximum Performance Campaigns: what they are, how they work and tricks to optimize them Google Ads Ad Extensions: THE BIBLE. + 12 TOP examples 7 Tips for your App Store campaigns with Apple Search Ads guide spotify ad studio advertising spotify ads What is Spotify Ads? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy Forex Email List Spotify Ads are the same as the ads you hear on your beloved Spotify ( if you don’t have a Premium account. Yes, those that break up a good session of ’80s hits. or that list of ” songs to keep you from getting depressed while cleaning your house .” These ads, like on other social platforms, can be segmented in a thousand ways so that they reach the right audience. What is Spotify Ad Studio? Spotify Ad Studio is, as its name indicates and

maximum duration of 30 seconds

on playlists, podcasts, their location and demographic data, among others ». In Spain we have had this platform since 2020 ( although it was launched in 2017 ). BTW, the minimum budget you can invest in Spotify advertising is €250. So you know. How does Spotify Ad Studio work? Well, the truth is that AWB Directory the way Spotify Ad Studio works ( if you have already managed other advertising platforms like Meta Ads, for example ) is very simple. You just have to provide a script and the super platform helps you create professionally produced ads with voiceover and music in just 24 hours ( yes, yes, pimpam ) and completely free of charge ( you only pay per click that the ad receives, like any other advertising platform ). Of course, if you want, you can upload your own audio.

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